The tale of how I met Matt Bellamy


Saturday, May 24th, 2014 
/this all took place somewhere between 1-2pm

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Matt signing a receipt and me being a mess

(luckily i always carry a pen just in case things like this happen)

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Talking about Matt Bellamy to:

  • My parents : the lead singer of Muse
  • My friends : the guy from Muse, with the strange tooth
  • My brother : da sexy modafucka
  • My sister : the guy who likes the guy who likes leopard print
  • Myself : Asdfghjkl so cute daaaa I can't you lil shit I hate you
  • My grandparents : my boyfriend
  • Other Musers : he's miiiiiiiine
  • My cat : he ruined my life
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Matt making fun of  the Coachella crowd right before playing Agitated (Reason #12830928 for loving Matt Bellamy)

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Stryker: “There’s a song that we’re playing on KROQ now and it’s called Magic by Coldplay. When you hear that, are you like, ‘Wow that’s kinda like Madness.’”

Dom: “It crossed my mind but it’s complet-, it’s nothing like it, d’ya know what I mean. It’s a completely different song.”

Stryker: “M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-magic…”

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Satyricon by MUSE